Project 33 :: The Bravest Warriors

This month is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and we are diving right in to make a difference. For the past two years, I have fought my own cancer battle. Two years ago this month I received my first breast cancer diagnosis. Then again this past January I received my second diagnosis. I have walked in shoes I don’t wish anyone to ever experience. My story is my own. My diagnosis’, ten surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation, and on and on and on. I own it. I am stronger because of it. I am better because of the battle.

The children who are forced to fight this fight are our bravest warriors. Their strength is insurmountable. Their faith unwavering. I continue to be in awe as I watch children fight this beast.

For Project 33 :: The Bravest Warriors, we are going to make SOCK MONKEYS again! I don’t know a group that is better than making sock monkeys than the Craft Hope community. You guys have made the cutest sock monkeys for the Little Heroes Preschool Burn Camp and Sock Monkeys for Texas. In fact, we have collected almost 1,000 sock monkeys over the years for children who needed a little bit of love.


Sock monkeys are the most fun items to collect because each box that arrives is so full of personality. We have received some of the cutest sock monkeys and we can’t wait to see what shows up this time.


We will hand deliver the sock monkeys to local children’s hospitals. Let’s run this project through September and October.

Please send the sock monkeys to us at:

Craft Hope
1130 Masquerade Drive
Midlothian, Texas 76065

Spread the word through your social media channels.




Join us and Craft Hope!

I have participated in several projects so far, from making bracelets to embellishing flip flops. Each and every project has gone to benefit a worthwhile cause, helping those less fortunate then us. My most favorite projects were Project 17: Aprons for Haiti and Project 23, which was pillowcase dresses for girls in Africa. Both of these projects allowed me to express my personality through my craft, but it was an opportunity for me to offer something beautiful and useful for those who need it most.
We don’t do this for the personal gain, and like many who sew & craft, we do this for the pure joy of helping our fellow man. We use the talents God gave us to give bit of joy to others, to let them know people care and most of all, to offer a ray of hope when all seems hopeless.– Jowanda K. Wiseman (more…)

Worthwhile Causes

My kids and I discovered Craft Hope by buying the book at JoAnnes, we were hooked!!! We formed a Craft Club of my daughters friends and started crafting hope. We have participated in several of the online projects, but also done projects from the book for local charities. Favorites were super hero capes, pet toys for animal shelters, and fancy flip flops. A very powerful one was making washable pads for girls. This helped my girls to really see challenges facing girls around the world. Thank you!

Bernice Cavalluzzi

helped my girls see challenges around the world