Project 16: the littlest warriors

You never know when your life is going to change forever. In one subtle moment you can be stopped in your tracks. Uncertain. Scared. Devastated. For a close friend of mine, her life was altered three years ago. Pierce, her 18 month old, wasn’t feeling well so she took him to the doctor. Just like I have done with my own three countless times. Load the kids up in the car, expect to go find out they have a virus or ear infection, and head home. Her day didn’t go like this. At all.

My friend, Melanie Bimson, has spent the last three years of her life raising a warrior. She, herself, is a warrior mom. Pierce was diagnosed with Leukemia and you can read all about their story on her Caring Bridge page. Three years of literally fighting for his life. Three very long years filled with more chemo than most adult regimes. This has been Pierce’s reality. He takes nightly and weekly chemo at home, monthly steroids, monthly IV chemo, as well as regular spinal taps so they can check his spinal fluid for cancer – and they replace the spinal fluid removed with chemo.

Through Pierce, they have witnessed some remarkable children fight for their young lives. Warriors. 46/7 is a very real figure, and we want to do whatever we can to help make the journey of these small warriors just a little bit happier. 46/7 is a common figure used in the pediatric cancer community. It refers to the number of children diagnosed with cancer each weekday (46), and the number of children who will die each weekday (7).

Time and again at Craft Hope we have learned that little things make a big difference. For the past few years we have collected handmade goods from around the world for people who need a little HOPE.

So are you ready?!? For Project 16 :: The Littlest Warriors, we will be collecting handmade beanies and bags for kids just like Pierce who are fighting cancer. Pierce’s mom, Melanie, has graciously volunteered to collect and distribute the items to the kids who need them most.

16-3Here are the details:

We need BEANIES (hats) for babies through teenagers. All noggin sizes. They can be knit, crochet, fabric. You name it. They can be embellished with flowers and bows. But don’t forget about the boys. They need hats too. It’s very difficult to find adorable hats and we think this community is the best place to get them. There are a hundred and one patterns online for beanies/hats. If you have one you’d like to share post it in the comments and I’ll put up a post to share with everyone.



We need BAGS for the kids to take with them to the hospital. They can be simple tote bag style or whatever suits your fancy. And if you are so inclined fill them up with goodies for the kids. Some ideas are books, puzzles, crayons, coloring books. The opportunities are endless. I’ll post ideas and suggestions shortly.



As with any Craft Hope project, don’t get lost in the details. Make a bag or a beanie. Make twenty. Get a group together and make bags and/or beanies. It’s totally up to you! There aren’t measurement requirements. If you find a pattern you like, go for it. I loved receiving the sock monkeys and seeing that each one had his own little personality. That’s exactly what we are hoping for with this project.

Melanie lives up in Minnesota and will be distributing the beanies and bags to the Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota, the Miracles of Mitch Foundation, and the Ronald McDonald House. Melanie will also be a guest blogger here at Craft Hope giving you loads of information about these little warriors.

The deadline for Project 16 :: The Littlest Warriors is Monday, March 12, 2012. Please mail the beanies and bags to:

Melanie Bimson
16026 Temple Drive
Minnetonka, MN 55345

One friend made in a new town. One sweet boy’s Leukemia diagnosis. Craft Hope. Thousands of lives touched and changed. It’s that simple.

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