Project 22: The Children of La Chureca

This post isn’t an easy one to write. There’s too much emotion flooding through my head. Before I write a post I do my research on the internet and with the organizations we are working with. I gather information and photos to share with you. Whenever it comes to kids it hits me in the gut like a ton of bricks. It’s kids. Sweet kids that didn’t pick their lives. Did they somehow draw the short straw to be given this life? It seems not fair.

I get sad and then I get angry and then I choose to DO SOMETHING about it.

This process happens every single time.

I’m thankful that Craft Hope gives us this outlet. You know, to do something about it.

For Project 22 we will be traveling back to Nicragua. To the dumps of Nicaragua to be exact — La Chureca. We have been there before with Eren for Project 2. Eren took handmade dolls with her to La Chureca (the dumps).

Over 5,000 people live in La Chureca. 5,000 men, women, teens, children and babies call the dump their homes. They live off the food they find and recycle for money what they can. To say this situation is deplorable would be the understatement of the year. Nicaragua is the second poorest nation in the world and they need our help.

There are scores of organizations that travel to La Chureca every year providing buildings, schools, and services. Countless organizations that are spreading HOPE and when a friend (Brenda, from Project 14) emails asking for help, we jump to the call.

For Project 22 we are partnering with Mission Nicaragua out of Tallahassee, Florida. They work with Open Hearts Mission in Nicaragua and are traveling to Nicaragua to lead a camp located on Lake Nicaragua. The children of La Chureca will be brought out to the camp. The mission group will minister to the poor communities and the dump of La Chureca helping with nutrition, clothing, and housing, among many other things.

For { Project 22 } The Children of La Chureca we will be collecting flip flops for the children in these communities. The idea we had was that you can pick up flip flops from the store and accent them however you’d like. I’ve seen flip flops at the dollar store and dollar bins at Target. You can get ribbon or simply cut strips of fabric to tie onto the flip flops. They need flip flops of all sizes. From toddlers to teenagers. For the boys, it may be a little more difficult but you are a creative lot and I’m sure you’ll come up with something!

This is a great summer project to get kids involved with as well. Teach them about Nicaragua. Show them where it is on the globe and have them make flip flops to donate. It’s a very tangible way to show them how other children live around the world and how they can DO SOMETHING.

I’ll do a post with some ideas soon.

Here are the details… Please mail the flip flops to:

Wildwood Church

100 Ox Bottom Road

Tallahassee, Florida  32312

Please leave a comment on this post if you’d like to participate. They are traveling at the end of July, so let’s make the deadline July 10th so they will have time to get them all boxed up and ready to go.

Once again, keeping spreading HOPE!!


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