Project 30: Quilts for Hurricane Harvey

When Hurricane Katrina hit and people were being sent to Austin I was one of the first people to show up at the Convention Center to help them. I quickly joined the Red Cross and worked nonstop with them for weeks. I had to do something. This was pre-Craft Hope and I felt helpless.

I have friends who are still trapped in their homes in Houston as I type this. They are flooded in and have been now for days. I have prayed relentlessly for them and thousands others who are also trapped and/or last their homes already. The videos and photos are the saddest, but we can help. We can do something and that something will matter to someone — or lots of someones.

Here comes Project 30 :: Quilts for Houston! I’m asking that you spread the word on this one so we can get as many as possible.

Project details:
All items MUST be handmade
Crocheted/Knitted Blankets
We need blankets of all sizes – from baby blankets to quilts that will fit an adult or two

Right now there is no deadline on this project. I know quilts are one of the greatest crafting labors of love and you guys have all of the time you need to get them made. I will make sure they get delivered.

I’ve partnered with one of my friends who is flooded in her house and can’t leave. Once the floodwaters recede we will meet up and take them to a local fire department so that the local firemen can donate them for us to families who lost their homes.

There is a delicate system of checks and balances when it comes to natural disasters and donations and I want to guarantee they go to the right folks who need them.

Please join us in making quilts and blankets of all sizes for the victims of that big bully Hurricane Harvey.

Mail them to me at:
1130 Masquerade Dr.
Midlothian, TX

Questions? Anything I missed? Please share!

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