Project 31 :: Cancer Care Bags for Kids

A couple of days ago I celebrated my one year cancer free anniversary. Thank you all so much for all of your well wishes and prayers the past year. I’m still going through surgeries, but can say I am cancer free! With it being breast cancer awareness month I felt like it was time to give back in a huge way. This time we are helping the kids.

I am so excited to announce Project 31 :: Care Bags for Kids. I will be collecting items to create chemo care totes for kids going through cancer treatments. Let’s make this one huge! You guys did an incredible job with Project 29 as I was able to hand deliver over 400 chemo care bags to the UT Southwestern Oncology Unit.

I’m going to have my own children, with the help of some of their friends, deliver the bags to the oncology unit at local children’s hospitals.


I will accept handmade and new items. In each bag I’d like to include any of the following items:
– tote bags
– sock monkey, sock animal, crochet animal, new stuffed animal
– small fleece blanket
– hand sanitizer
– coloring books
– colored pencils
– cute beanies (beanies with ears would be awesome)
– gloves
– scarves
– super hero capes
– socks
– water bottles
– candy
– tiaras
– silly glasses
– fidget spinners
– anything fun
– toys
– gum
– chapstick
– journals
– tissues
– etc., etc., etc.

You guys, anything would be appreciated and would put a smile on their faces. I would be so incredibly honored to be able to take my kids to the hospitals and hand deliver these care bags. It has been the toughest year ever for our entire family and we would love to be able to continue giving in this way.

I’m going to run this project for the next couple of months and will be delivering around Christmas too. What a gift for these fighters!

Please just make sure all items are new or handmade from smoke free homes. Also, please refrain from sending scented items as most scents are horrible while you are going through chemo.

I’m putting together an Amazon Wish List for this project and will share it. You can shop online and have things sent directly to me. My kids will be assembling the bags.


Please mail all items to:
1130 Masquerade Dr.
Midlothian, TX 76065

Let’s make this our biggest project yet! Craft Hope!

** We are still accepting quilts and blankets for Project 30.


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Project 30: Quilts for Hurricane Harvey

When Hurricane Katrina hit and people were being sent to Austin I was one of the first people to show up at the Convention Center to help them. I quickly joined the Red Cross and worked nonstop with them for weeks. I had to do something. This was pre-Craft Hope and I felt helpless.

I have friends who are still trapped in their homes in Houston as I type this. They are flooded in and have been now for days. I have prayed relentlessly for them and thousands others who are also trapped and/or last their homes already. The videos and photos are the saddest, but we can help. We can do something and that something will matter to someone — or lots of someones.

Here comes Project 30 :: Quilts for Houston! I’m asking that you spread the word on this one so we can get as many as possible.

Project details:
All items MUST be handmade
Crocheted/Knitted Blankets
We need blankets of all sizes – from baby blankets to quilts that will fit an adult or two

Right now there is no deadline on this project. I know quilts are one of the greatest crafting labors of love and you guys have all of the time you need to get them made. I will make sure they get delivered.

I’ve partnered with one of my friends who is flooded in her house and can’t leave. Once the floodwaters recede we will meet up and take them to a local fire department so that the local firemen can donate them for us to families who lost their homes.

There is a delicate system of checks and balances when it comes to natural disasters and donations and I want to guarantee they go to the right folks who need them.

Please join us in making quilts and blankets of all sizes for the victims of that big bully Hurricane Harvey.

Mail them to me at:
1130 Masquerade Dr.
Midlothian, TX

Questions? Anything I missed? Please share!

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Project 29: Fight like a girl

I started Craft Hope over eight years ago and in that time we have given over 100,000 handmade items and over $40,000 to charities who need us.

Two months ago I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. One month ago I had a bilateral mastectomy. Today I had my first round of chemo. As I’m sitting in my chair receiving the chemo cocktails a nurse walks in with a Christmas stocking full of chemo care goodies donated by regular folks. Sound familiar? Craft Hope.

I would love to show up at my chemo visits with handmade goodies by you guys to hand out. What do you guys think?

I’m only in a unit with adults so let’s keep the gifts for adults for now. You could make a chemo care kit with a handmade bag full of things like chapstick, lemon drops, hand sanitizer, bracelets, beanies… anything.

You could make beanies, pillowcases, blankets, scarves, sleepy masks… The sky is the limit.

I’m not going to put a deadline on this so just start crafting and sending them my way. I’ll guarantee they end up in the right hands.

I’ll be doing chemo through the beginning of March so we have plenty of time. Let’s CRAFT HOPE!

Please send items to me at:
Jade Laswell
1130 Masquerade Dr.
Midlothian, TX 76065

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Project 28: Hope for Louisiana

Craft Hope is teaming up with the Louisiana 4-H and 4-H organizations around the nation to collect school supplies for the children affected by the recent flooding in southern Louisiana. Many school aged youth were in the midst of planning for the new school year and lost everything to the floods. Now, many of them are cleaning their homes and have not thought about school, or school supplies.

Craft Hope is jumping right in with 4-H to gather school supplies to send to the students in Louisiana. And here is where the handmade part comes in. We are asking that you craft something special for these children to go along with donated school supplies or you could just send handmade school supply items for these children. Some of the ideas I came up with off the top of my head are bookmarks, art kits, book bags, pencil pouches, backpacks, and totes. You could make a tote and fill it with a few school supplies. Make a pencil bag and fill it with markers. The opportunities are endless and they need everything.

Please be creative and thoughtful in your giving. You guys are the most caring group and I know you will come up with some great ideas. Share them with us on our Facebook page. Since the items will be mailed directly to the 4-H offices in southern Louisiana please take pictures and post them here on Facebook to inspire others. Also, please share this event with anyone and everyone. Craft Hope.

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Ship your donations to:
LSU Ag Center Warehouse
School Supply Flood Relief
4161 Gourrier Ave.
Baton Rouge, LA 70808


“People who really want to make a difference in the world usually do it, in one way or another. And I’ve noticed something about people who make a difference in the world: They hold the unshakable conviction that individuals are extremely important, that every life matters. They get excited over one smile. They are willing to feed one stomach, educate one mind, and treat one wound. They aren’t determined to revolutionize the world all at once; they’re satisfied with small changes. Over time, though, the small changes add up. Sometimes they even transform cities and nations, and yes, the world.” ― Beth Clark

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Project 27: Partners with Ethiopia

Craft Hope has been honored to work with so many wonderful charities throughout the past few years. To date we have donated over 156,000 handmade items to charities worldwide! I am always humbled when an organization contacts me asking for help and several reached out to me this fall. I’m still in the process of lining up projects for 2016 and excited to see the difference we will make.

Without further ado, I am so very excited to announce Project 27 :: Partners With Ethiopia.

Partners With Ethiopia works to support their indigenous partners in southern Ethiopia who are running sponsorship programs, economic development, and food security programs. They are working hard to educate and empower orphans, vulnerable children, and widows to break the cycle of poverty, and offer hope and independence for their future. Sounds like a PERFECT fit for Craft Hope. Let’s do this.


Presently, Partners With Ethiopia has approximately 180 sponsored children of all ages, with around 270 more children who have been profiled by their indigenous partner organization, Friends of Orphans and Vulnerable Children (FOVC), but are currently unsponsored.  Sponsored kids visit the program 6 days a week, and receive a hot meal, tutoring, health care, hygiene training, and caring mentoring. If you are interested in sponsoring a child click here.

Partners With Ethiopia has asked us to make bracelets to spread goodwill among the children. Bracelets, you guys! We made bracelets back in Project 12 — way back in 2011 — and I’m super excited to see how many we can make this time.

Thanks to Ashley (Under the Sycamore) and Rebecca (Better Life Bags) for sharing photos with us from Project 12! If you haven’t read Ashley’s story, you should go now. I remember her going through that years ago with her sweet daughter and it still brings tears to my eyes that they were able to focus on making bracelets for others while going through such a tough time.


27eth4They will be traveling to Ethiopia in March so we have set a deadline for March 1st, 2016. Please make sure all bracelets have arrived by this date so they can get them ready to travel.

As far as the bracelets go, you can make any type of bracelet. They can be beaded, fabric, or woven. It’s totally up to you. I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with. This is a great project to get kids involved!!

Please send the bracelets to:

Renee Stauffer

707 Ferris Road

Nicholville NY, 12965

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Update: Renee, VP of Partners With Ethiopia, will be traveling over at the end of March, with her 14 y/o daughter Lydia, and friend (and board president) Ingrid Olson. They would LOVE to be able to take a bracelet to each child, to let them know they are loved and that someone on the other side of the world is rooting for them. Since they have boys and girls of all ages, this is a great project for crafters of all ages to take their creativity and run with it!  All colors are welcome, and as an FYI, the Ethiopian colors are red, green & yellow.

Spread love, Craft Hope!