Help Jade Fight

Ok, guys. You all know how brave and strong our dear friend, Jade, is. But the truth is, this cancer fight is not just about courage. It’s also costing her family a lot of money.  And as quick as she is to ask for help for others around the world, she hates the idea of actually asking for help herself.

She has already undergone six surgeries and has three more to go. Major medical bills are piling up and her next surgery payment alone is $2,500. Every day she misses from work she is docked $320, and she and Dustin are not being offered manageable payment plans.

This community has shown time and time again how a few concerned people can make a difference. Please consider making a donation directly to Jade’s family during this month of Breast Cancer Awareness and know that you are making a difference immediately in the life of one of our own. Any donation amount will go a long way to easing their financial worries.

Thank you, friends.