Jade Featured on NBC DFW News

Many thanks to Tim Ciesco and the team of ABC WFAA for last week’s segment on Jade and Craft Hope!

Walking around her classroom at Arlington’s Shackleford Junior High School, Jade Laswell can’t help but smile.

“I feel so blessed to come here every day,” said Laswell, who teaches engineering and career technology classes.

It seems there are few moments these days that you won’t find Laswell smiling, no matter where she is, and for good reason.

“When you get that diagnosis, you don’t know if you’re going to be alive in a year,” she said. “I have to live in a space of positivity and light.”

In September 2016, Laswell went to get her first ever mammogram. And in the blink of an eye, she received life altering news: she had stage one breast cancer.

“It was the absolute hardest thing I’ve ever gone through,” she said.

But the loving wife and mother of four decided then and there that this wasn’t how her life was going to end.

“I gave everything to the fight,” said Laswell. “I had a bilateral mastectomy and then I did chemo. I gave every single thing I had so that I can be here for the rest of my life.”

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