kindness always matters

Watching my sweet friend, Jade, start Craft Hope filled me with joy and awe. Often, I wanted to get involved with the projects, but didn’t. Then, a project was announced that was close to home. Very close. Helping our family celebrate our son completing his chemo treatments for Leukemia, Craft Hope launched the Littlest Warriors – hats and bags for kids with cancer. I was overwhelmed daily with the love and generosity of people, the world over, showering love, healing words, time, and kindness on children who have no choice but to be brave. So many gifts arrived over a couple of months that our mailman refused to continue delivering packages to our home. Each package came with a note, detailing the time and thoughts that were put into making each item, and I was reminded about the immense humanity and kindness we all have within us when we choose to put someone else above ourselves. Craft Hope binds us all together as one people – showing each of us that we are greater than our differences, and kindness always matters. — Melanie Bimson, Colorado